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Patsy Martinson, LMT, CHTP, ACMT, HCM


I loved participating in this. I learned enough to continue a daily practice. I noticed a difference in my stress level the first week.  I have felt more confident, realizing that I can do this.  If we could teach this to the world, imagine the love!  Debrah E., LMT

...really appreciated the time spent on figuring out how to work HeartMath into my daily routine.   Patsy helped me realize how stress and anger can physically affect me and how HeartMath techniques can counteract the negative effects. She also helped me realize how I can use these techniques to make positive change even when I can’t change the stressors around me.   Ann S., Speech-Language Pathologist

Patsy's passion for HeartMath and for helping people learn these beautiful heart-focused skills were a blessing to me and will definitely benefit others she mentors.  Patsy has helped me learn valuable HeartMath skills that I can use every day of my life.  She helped me see the power of my heart and my own energy management.  Patsy uses HeartMath techniques every day herself.  This is evident in her passionate teaching style.  What an excellent teacher and role model for heart-focused living.    Zona K., RN, Director of Wellness

I reflect often on all you taught me through direct education and through modeling. I appreciate the encouragement you gave me and the influence your spirit and energy had on me. You were in my life when I needed you most. Thank you for participating in the healing of my body and spirit when I was so very broken. I continue to get healthier each month that passes. My issues with skin are clearing up through attention to nutrition, chiropractic care, and reduction of stress along with increase in sleep. I continue to be over-anxious, so there is still work I have to do. Life continues to be good. I am blessed.   Dawn K., Office Manager & Freelance Curriculum Writer & Copy Editor

HeartMath is an objective method that is very simple to apply. I was well guided and coached by Patsy. Pasty provided reassuring guidance and feedback as I learned the methods and she reviewed my practice in between coaching sessions. The coaching method provided by HeartMath is nicely structured. I noticed the benefits of each technique immediately when practicing them with Patsy and during my own practice.               Becci R., LBSW & Educator

Patsy is gifted at asking thoughtful questions and explaining the HeartMath program in easy to understand terms. She is encouraging and appropriately challenges the learner to go a bit deeper in thinking about goals, energy drains, and restorative activities/thoughts. She is amazing. She is very professional, and non-judgmental.  I can't say enough about Patsy and her performance as a HeartMath Mentor. She was born to do this.    Erin M., CRNA, DNP, Instructor of Anesthesiology

I experienced: the safe, caring group of four women in my cohort;  the concept of 'feeding the field'; the experience of realigning myself with HeartMath tools during a stressful situation with another person; and the exchange of appreciation and energy with trees.  Norma Jean




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